Texvik MS



TEXVIK MS (previously Autoscope 2) is an 8-channel oscilloscope working with modern technology of data recording to a PC HD. The oscilloscope connects via an USB port that supplies power to the oscilloscope. The saved data on the PCs HD can be retrieved and viewed at anytime using free software on any PC.
The scopes software is very easy to use, doesn't require any training and is ideal for any beginner. This doesn't mean that the operating software doesn't have very useful functions. The main feature of this tool is that it can make continuous and several hour long data recordings to a PC HD with full resolution. No defective symptom of a measured system will remain undetected. The available 8-channels are sufficient for detecting intermittent faults when a scan tool doesn't show any specific DTCs that could be verified with a 2-channel oscilloscope.

Pros & Cons