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New model Texvik DSR represents an advanced design version of the Texvik DS model with the same parameters and operational software. Four of the input channels have interchangeable measuring modules. These can be randomly interchanged depending on the current testing requirements. The power supply of these modules, adapters and sensors is directly from the recorder. No external power supply cables to the vehicle battery are required. The current accessories from the MSL, MS and DS models can be used with the DSR model.

TThe TEXVIK DSR is an 8-channel signal recorder using advanced technology for recording measured data to a computers HD. The recorder connects to a PC via an USB port, that also supplies power to the recorder. Stored data from the PCs HD can be retrieved at anytime without the recorder connected and viewed on any PC with the supplied recorder free software. The recorder software is user friendly. It is very suitable for beginners, but this doesn't mean that useful functions are not provided. The key feature of this tool is the possibility make recordings to PCs HD with full sampling frequency. The user can be sure that he will not miss any signal defects on any measured system.
Eight channels is a sufficient number for locating intermittent problems, when a Scan tool is not registering any specific fault that could be verified with a 2-channel oscilloscope.

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