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automotive waveform library

automotive waveform library

FCD technical support

The tool has unique technical support not only how to operate the tool but also in evaluating recordings. It is available for all TEXVIK owners FREE for 6 months!

Please register your TEXVIK if you want to obtain support:

The international FCD.eu portal offers information, training and technical support for automotive workshops and emission testing stations. We use methods that are more efficient, quicker and in addition are more reliable than methods recommended by most of the vehicle manufacturers.
Be part of the 5645 registered FCD.eu users. We will help you to find the cause effectively. This will save you time and money and you will reduce the number of customer comebacks.

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The great advantage while offering technical support is that data can be sent over the internet and that they can opened and viewed by anybody who has a PC. The recordings can be updated with comments, channel desciptions can be changed, values can be modified including their tolerance ranges. Recordings can be tagged at important points with symbols and notes, the signals can be filtered, they can be paired, moved along the vertical axis. The signal ranges can be modified, various conversion modes can be used to display pressures, temperatures, currents or percentage values. There are many other useful and unusual functions available. All these are effective tools for customer support but also for everyday work in the workshop.

Working speed

Compared with an oscilloscope the work is 80 % quicker! No complicated settings are required. You can start recording within 1 second after a connection to the PC is established.

Long recording

Unlimited recording time of the tool. Only restricted by the size of the PC's HD and operating system.

Unique support

Unique technical support. Not only how to use the tool but also support in evaluating data recordigs.

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