What is Texvik

TEXVIK is a SIGNAL RECORDER – "new generation" tool for automotive diagnostics. It contains 3 tools in one – oscilloscope (almost no adjustments are required), signal recorder and signal analyzer. The following video will show you more:

Tool presentation

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 TEXVIK is a new generation tool, that has unique differences compared with the complicated settings generally associated with oscilloscopes. This is why we don't use the name oscilloscope. Better name is a signal recorder or a signal analyzer. The usual very complicated adjustment parameters for automotive diagnostics are not needed. All you need to do is to connect to the required components. After two or a maximum or three clicks of the mouse (basic sampling speed and the range) you can start recording. Long test drive recordings are not a problem. 

Why do we call the TEXVIK a "signal recorder"
and not an "oscilloscope"?...


With the standard oscilloscopes it is not possible to perform any measurements without prior adjustments. With the TEXVIK signal recorder this is possible. Even though the TEXVIK is very simple to operate, in combination with the added functions, the tool is a very complex multifunctional "Engine and Data Tester".... Connect, start the recording and go for a test drive. This is what makes the TEXVIK so unique.


Main advantages

  • The data recordings can be viewed without the tool connected to a PC.
  • Work is 80% quicker – connect and start the recording.
  • Converts measured values – and can display values of pressure, temperature, percentage, etc. directly in the required values with the help of a configurable converter.
  • The data is not only recorded but also analyzed. Some recordings can be evaluated directly by the data recorder. (Function for complex ignition analysis.)
  • Low purchase price - select a tool according to your needs
  • You can measure almost everything on the car - thanks to a wide choise of accessories
  • Don't record only pictures but a complete recording. You can playback the recording at any time and change all its parameters. The virtual display is 1000x larger compared to other similar tools. Post recording setting changes can be done and saved. Full-value recordings are saved!  Software "switching" of analog inputs to any channel on the screen saves time and work because no mechanical measuring cable manipulation on the tool or measured component is required
  • Exceptional technical support 24/7 - Receive support with analysis of your signals
  • Perform long recordings without the risk of loss - The length of the recording is not restricted by the tool but the size of the PCs HD.
  • Software and updates are free
  • The tool is powered from the connected PCs USB port and is completely mobile.
  • Allows changing channel designation via the tools operating software - saves time and work.
  • Speed - TEXVIK can measure the quick CAN BUS signals
  • Unique technical support. Not only how to use the tool but also support for evaluating your recordings is available. All TEXVIK users have 6 months FREE access to - First Car Diagnostics - www.fcd.eu portal.


The latest softwarove available for download

User Manual

Latest User Manual in PDF available for download

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