In this section you can download User Manuals and software. We recommend that you view this video first that shows basic info about the Texvik operating software


Texvik First Start

  • In this video we will introduce the operating software and quick settings for data recording

Owners manuals:

NávodHERE you can download the Texvik User Manual



Instalace Texvik MSLHERE you can download the Texvik MSL operating software


Instalace Texvik MSHERE you can download the Texvik MS operating software


Instalace Texvik DSHERE you can download the Texvik DS operating software



  • Minimum PC requirements: Pentium III, 350 MHz, 192 MB operating memory, HDD 10GB UDMA 100, port USB 2.0 and 3.0, SVGA
  • Software supports operating systems: Windows 98 SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 (32/64bit)

Basic software possibilities:

  • Display mode + recording + real time measurement at the same time
  • Scale range division (analog): 50 µS/division – 1 S/division
  • Voltage scale range: 50 mV/division – 5 V/division
  • Synchronisation mode: synchronisation can be assigned to any channel. Synchronisation is done according to the leading or falling edge at a set level. It is possible to synchronise recorded data (function "edge detect")
  • Max. recording length (under condition that PC has sufficient HD space) 55 minutes/win 2000/XP/Vista (recording length can be adjusted to a smaller size by the user)
  • Max. file size:
    operating system Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7: 2 GB
    operating system Windows 98.... 512 MB
  • Measuring tools: max/min/average voltage/amplitude, time, frequency, pulse width
  • Display mode of average (peak) voltage values at small resolutions.
  • Output formats: binary file, JPEG, "hardcopy" of waveform to printer. Simple function menu for binary file commenting.
  • Possibility to compress and decompress data while "running" during saving and openning of measured files


The latest software is available for downloading

User manual

Current user manual available for downloading

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